LMMS is one of the best alternative for GarageBand alternative for Windows. With LMMS, you can easily produce Music right from your PC by creating beats and melodies, arranging samples and much more. It comes with built in 64-bit VST instrument support and also with 16 built in synthesizers. Check the features of LMMS below.

Features of LMMS:

  • You can use LMMS as all in one such as to easily compose, sequence and also mix songs in one interface.
  • As it is cross-platform, you can easily compose over all platforms such as Windows, Mac and also over iOS devices.
  • It also supports playback instruments such as MIDI or typing keyboard. Everything is computer controlled automated.
  • You can easily import MIDI and Hydrogen project files.
  • You can make use of patterns, chords, notes and various great melodies using various instruments such as piano editors, drums.

You can easily download LMMS here

2.Music Maker Jam:


Music Maker Jam is one of the popular Music production app on Windows based on users interests and also most advanced features, which are very competitive to GarageBand. You will be able to create, remix almost all varieties of genres such as EDM, hip-hop, pop, rock and many more. You will be also allowed to participate in Global challenges that can really bring you a competitive experience.

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Key things about Music Maker Jam:

  • It provides collection of various Music trends every month. You will be able to use all those latest Music trends.
  • You can easily record songs, mix various effects and integrate them into your creative songs.
  • It provides almost about 300+ Music mix packs, which includes almost all popular genres but many of them are not free, with pay the only option.
  • You can easily share all your Music creations to popular social media applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube and also on other sites.

You can easily download Music Maker Jam from Microsoft store. Click here to download here.



StageLight is considered to be top Music creating application w.r.t. interactive experience. It provides best way to create your own various music styles in an easy way with many built-in instruments such as drum machine with more than 50 drum kit and also over 5 keyboard instruments.

Features of StageLight:

  • StageLight comes with various effects such as Compressor, Equalizer, Flanger and also with many more options with pay only option.
  • It supports MIDI link feature, you can easily latch your controllers and can adjust parameters.
  • It also provides various sharing options to all social media sites such as Whatsapp, Facebook and also Youtube.

You can download StageLight for Windows here. It is available for Windows 7/8 and also Windows 10.



FL Studio has recently launched it’s latest version FL Studio 12 to provide complete software Music production virtually right on your finger tips. With FL Studio, you can easily sequence, remix, arrange, record and much more tools. It comes with various updated features, which you can check below.

Best Features of FL Studio:

  • It comes with Fully scalable Interface which can fit to any screen resolution so that you can easily operate on any device with Windows OS.
  • It supports many controllers such as Keyboard, Envelope, Formula and MIDI controllers.
  • Highly advanced multi-touch sensitivity, so that you can easily operate multiple devices.
  • You can share all your creative Music styles to your favorite social media sites.

You can easily download FL Studio here.



Cubase is one of the best GarageBand alternative in Windows, providing most advanced and effective tools with which you can easily compose, record and also apply various styles to your creations. Check various features of Cubase below.

Best Features of Cubase:

  • Cubase comes with various effects such as Compressors, Expander, SoftClipper, DeEsser, GEQ30(Equalizer with almost 30 bands) and many more.
  • You can easily access unlimited audio tracks and also MIDI tracks.
  • Most attractive tool over Cubase is you can easily use your own envelope so that you no longer required to use a pre-defined format like other Music production apps.
  • Cubic also provides with sharing your own creations to social media networks as Whatsapp, Facebook and also Youtube etc.