Exciting Highlights from the Bespoked Show 2024 in Manchester

The Bespoked Show 2024 in Manchester has once again proven why it stands as the premier destination for custom-built bicycles and cycling enthusiasts. This year, the event saw an impressive turnout from both industry veterans and budding talent, showcasing an array of innovative and beautifully crafted bicycles.

Notable Exhibits at the Show

The exhibition hall brimmed with eye-catching designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Here are some of the standout pieces:

  • Jones Bikes: Known for their unique geometry and ride quality, Jones Bikes presented a range of models that cater to off-road enthusiasts. Their attention to detail and innovative design principles made them a favourite among attendees.
  • Bastion Cycles: This Australian company wowed the crowd with their titanium and carbon fibre hybrids. Each bike is custom-fitted using aerospace engineering, ensuring a ride that’s as smooth as it is strong.
  • Dear Susan: Bringing an artistic touch to the lineup, Dear Susan’s bikes combine function with aesthetic appeal. Their colourful frames and hand-painted designs captured many hearts.

Emerging Trends in Custom Bicycle Design

The Bespoked Show is not just about admiring beautiful bikes; it’s also a hotspot for spotting upcoming trends and innovations in the cycling world. Here are some trends that caught our eye:

Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainability remains a crucial focus for many custom builders. Brands like Bamboo Bicycle Club showcased bicycles made from sustainable materials like bamboo, pushing forward the idea of eco-friendly cycling without compromising performance.

Integration of Technology

Smart bikes and tech-integrated frames are becoming more common. Companies introduced bicycles with built-in GPS systems, electronic shifting, and even smartphone connectivity, enhancing the cycling experience and bringing it into the digital age.

Ultra-Lightweight Design

The days of heavy steel frames are quickly fading. Exhibitors displayed an array of ultra-lightweight bicycles, with materials like carbon fibre and titanium leading the charge. These bikes prove that reduced weight does not mean a sacrifice in strength or durability.

Workshops and Panels

Another highlight of the Bespoked Show was its educational component. Numerous workshops and panel discussions took place, featuring industry experts sharing their insights on various topics. Sessions covered everything from bike maintenance tips to discussions on the future of cycling.

Bike Maintenance Workshops

These hands-on sessions were a hit among attendees, providing valuable information on keeping bicycles in top condition. Topics like drivetrain care, brake tuning, and suspension setup were all extensively covered.

Innovative Designs Panels

Responding to the growing interest in bike customization, panels featuring designers from top brands discussed the intricacies of creating modern, high-performance bicycles. They shared the challenges and future directions of bike design, enlightening the audience about the rigorous process behind each masterpiece.

Women in Cycling

A special session dedicated to promoting gender equality in cycling was also part of the show. Female entrepreneurs and athletes took centre stage to discuss their experiences and the importance of inclusivity in what has traditionally been a male-dominated sport.


The Bespoked Show 2024 stands out not just for its impressive exhibits but also for its potential impact on the broader cycling industry. It underscores the remarkable innovation and creativity available in custom bicycle building, which might play a significant role in the future of cycling trends on a global scale.

The commitment to sustainability, observed in brands using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, highlights an important shift towards greener practices. This is crucial as the world grapples with environmental challenges, and shows how the cycling industry can contribute positively. Critics might argue that such materials compromise the durability and performance of bicycles, but examples from companies like Bamboo Bicycle Club suggest otherwise. The club’s success debunks this myth, showing that such materials can offer both sustainability and performance.

Furthermore, the integration of technology in the latest models is a leap forward, reinforcing how cycling is adapting to the digital era. While purists might prefer traditional bikes, the younger generation’s fascination with tech-enhanced gadgets cannot be ignored. GPS systems, electronic shifting, and smartphone connectivity fundamentally transform the cycling experience, much like how smartphones revolutionised communication.

The embrace of ultra-lightweight design is another trend implying a significant industry shift. With brands focused on using materials like carbon fibre and titanium, it’s clear that performance and rider comfort are priorities. Although these materials might increase costs, their advantages in performance and rider experience outweigh the financial constraints for many.

Lastly, the workshops and panels added an educative layer to the exhibit, providing a holistic experience for attendees. Knowledge sharing through hands-on sessions and discussions helps demystify the complex aspects of bicycle maintenance and design, making bespoke bicycles more accessible to the general public.

The Bespoked Show 2024 is more than just a showcase; it’s a testament to bicycle craftsmanship’s evolving nature. It celebrates the blend of tradition and innovation, demonstrating that the future of cycling is indeed bright and full of exciting possibilities.

News Source: Pinkbike.

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